Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Topaz Eyes 5* reviews!

I'm delighted to have just received two fantastic 5* reviews for Topaz Eyes. 

Posted on amazon UK

5* By Jane l Bwye

“This is a stunning read, which absorbed my attention from the beginning. The characters of Keira and Teun are drawn with great intensity of feeling as they pursue clues in the hunt for the Tiru Salana jewels.
Their quest takes them from Heidelburg to the USA, then back to Vienna, Amsterdam and finally to Edinburgh. The ambience of each is portrayed in loving detail, so you feel as if you are actually there.
They are stalked by hired gunmen and wonder if their own relatives are traitors. And their love blossoms into pleasurable maturity.
Even the plot is skilfully contrived without being too arduous to follow. I could not put it down, and cannot fault it.” 

Thank you so much JLBwye for taking time to write such a nice review. 

5* By Sandra Queen 

Loved this book. Had enough intrigue to capture the reader's imagination.
Was loath to put it down when interrupted. Great read!

Thank you, too, Sandra Queen. I'm delighted you enjoyed it. 

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