Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday Moments visits Isle of Larus

Monday Moments features Isle of Larus by Kathy Sharp, published by Crooked Cat Publishing.  

The four guardians of the Isle of Larus have been enjoying quiet and comfortable lives, with nothing more than the occasional shipwreck to trouble them – but all that is about to change.
The Spirit of the Sea decides to send a series of alarming events to test and teach them, as well as providing himself with hours of entertainment at their expense.
For the first test, how will the guardians cope with the arrival of a fleet of completely impossible ships? Not too well at all, it would seem.
And that is just the beginning…

Here's a tempting little excerpt for you to read...  the Reverend Pontius consults Mother Culver, keeper of stories:

‘Pontius had never heard any of Mother Culver’s stories, and he was unprepared when she began to sing softly:

Come the ships on bright and summer’s day
White of wing and curious of sail
Plunge they to the rocks in deadly way
Strike they must, as if at winter’s gale…

“You just made that up, you cheeky old baggage!” exploded Pontius. But she had not heard him, and sang on.

Strike they must, but strike they never do
Gone they are within the blink of eye
Through they go, they sail the island through
See them, brother, to the east they fly…

She shook her head. Pontius thought she was laughing at him, and jumped to his feet, bristling with indignation. “You are nothing but a charlatan, Madam,” he said furiously. “I’ll have none of your rhymes!” And stamped off in a temper.
Mother Culver watched him go, wagging her head gently from side to side. “Mayhap you’ll be back, Reverend,” she said quietly.’

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

NEVERMORE A Tale of Love, Loss and Edgar Allan Poe

My thoughts on...

NEVERMORE A Tale of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe by David Niall Wilson


The setting for this haunting tale is perfect, the author plunging the reader immediately into the mystery of The Great Dismal Swamp. Instant clues place the tale back in time: the inn, no doubt, with almost as many stories to tell as Edgar himself. From the outset we learn something of what Lenore’s purpose is but perhaps not quite Edgar Poe’s. As Lenore has the compulsion to draw, and Edgar has the impetus to write, the reader like me is hooked on finding exactly what the main characters hope to achieve during their short visit to the creepy area. In parts it is a tale about each of those above mentioned characters but the sub-plots are complex too, and the interaction of all the characters is quite absorbing. The plot is as tortuous as the trees that are in the swamp, some parts of it, I feel, left to conjecture since the ‘loss’ referred to in the title is quite dramatic! The language flows beautifully, harking back to olden times. It is a dark tale which left me a bit staggered at the end- but I don’t do spoilers- read this really good tale for yourself!  

I gave this book 5 stars.*****

Nevermore - A Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe on Amazon | | Barnes & Noble | Crossroad Press

NOTE: While David is on tour with this book (22nd July thru 2nd September) the ebook is $2.99 on Amazon. 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

How Do You Spell Love?

How Do You Spell Love? By Zanna Mackenzie  


I enjoyed reading this romantic tale with a bit of magic. I have no idea of what a ‘witch’ might need to create a spell but those described by Zanna Mackenzie seemed very plausible. The novel flowed easily with a nice relaxed style. I enjoyed getting to know Kat, her friends, her boyfriends and her daily situation. The circumstances were realistic, and a constantly good pace keeping my interest as I read on. The intermingling of relationships can sometimes be delicate for a while and that theme was nicely portrayed.

By Crooked Cat Publishing

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Amazon US

Friday, 19 July 2013

Just launched today!

Published today by Crooked Cat  - Friday 19th July.

The Quiet Life of Marta G. Ziegler by Maggie Reid.

I am Marta G. Ziegler.

Some people spend their whole lives pretending to be something they are not, but I am not going to do that.

I am Marta G. Ziegler, a Londoner, and I am going to travel the world.

A powerful tale of a a deaf little girl who paints a vivid picture of what she sees around her. An inspiring story of daring to dream the impossible...

 Amazon UK  

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

4**** for TOPAZ EYES!


The storyline is captivating. Nancy Jardine weaves an engaging tale of suspense and romance, often leaving the reader wondering "who done it?" Characters jet between Europe and America and traipse around various countries in Europe, so one must keep up with the settings, which she is apt at describing. Although I don't often read mysteries, I'm choosing a few, and I'm glad I found this one! 

Thank you, Gayle Irwin!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Monday Moments Features Lara Nance

Monday Moments Features paranormal author:

Lara Nance

Lara Nance grew up and lived in many cites through the South. She started out with a career in business/marketing for twenty years and then went back to school for a masters in nursing, and is currently a nurse practitioner in Virginia Beach, VA.
From ghosts, witches, and energy vampires to thrilling mysteries and Steampunk tales, she is willing to explore a variety of compelling adventures full of danger and suspense, along with a touch of romance. Lara loves to weave interesting true historical tidbits into her fiction which invite the reader to explore further after the novel is finished.

Currently docked in Norfolk, Virginia (until the wind changes) Lara enjoys living on her sailboat and spends time reading, of course writing, indulging a variety of artistic endeavors, cooking and sailing with her husband, Joe and their Yorkie, Rio. 

About Murder in the World Below

Murder in the World Below introduces a tight-knit community of second and third generation survivors of a government institutional system that went horribly wrong at the hands of people in control.

 A Haven Mystery
In 1922 the federal government built the largest facility for handicapped children in the country, hidden in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia. It was closed forever in 1960 amid horrifying stories of deplorable conditions, overcrowding, illegal testing and sexual abuse of the young inmates.

Sixty-one years later, the academy is now a community college, all trace of its evil past swept away. Or is it? For under the campus of renovated buildings, escapees from the academy and their descendants still live in an elaborate series of tunnels and caves, hiding their differences and fear of the upper world.

Haven, as the residents call their underground home, is a happy, thriving community until they learn their source of power is about to be cut off. A resourceful young woman named Awen sets out to find an alternative source of energy. But someone in Haven is murdering people and sabotaging her efforts.

Aided by a professor from the college, Awen is in a race to expose the killer and hunt for a source of energy that will save Haven. Unfortunately, the murderer now has their sights on Awen as the next victim, and time is running out for the world below.


Billy Two flung aside the tarp and stomped into the small cave Awen Four used as her bedroom. She jumped, startled. Her rat, Coco, squeaked then dove into the crook of her arm.

“Damn it, Billy!” She huffed. As usual, the young boy disregarded Haven’s rules of privacy.

“Old Harvie’s dyin’.” He grimaced then flopped into a battered armchair, his face grim, rounded cheeks streaked with a layer of perpetual dirt. “Shit’s gonna hit the fan now.”

“What? I saw him this morning. I thought he was better.” A chill crawled over her skin. They couldn’t lose Harvie. The Boss. He was the heart and soul of Haven. “It must be a rumor. People are scared.”

She stroked Coco who'd poked her head out, blinking dark sparkling eyes at the boy.

“Nope, he’s dyin’. Now Kinnik’ll take over and you know what that means.” He pressed his lips together in a thin line. He took off his newsboy cap and smacked it against his knee. He pulled open a much patched wool jacket, revealing layers of several T-shirts, two button-up shirts, and a sweater vest.

Awen stared at him askance. Maybe it was denial, but Harvie seemed too integral to Haven to die. A part of their secret world would diminish in his absence, and she feared it would be the best part.

“Heard it from Pop himself,” Billy insisted. He rubbed a hand under his nose and planted his cap over matted brown hair. “I overheard him talkin' to Joe outside the group room. He’d come from Harvie’s place ‘n said the Boss was going downhill fast. He went lookin’ for Kinnik to tell him.”

“Oh, no. This is horrible.” Her heart lurched. Harvie wasn't just important to Haven, he was the dad she never had. She ran a hand through her hair. What were they going to do?


Lara Nance’s writing shines brightest when she’s building new worlds. Murder in the World Below will draw you in where her characters win your affection. Her story takes you on a grand adventure, and you never want to leave.” - Author, Laura Kitchell

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Memories of Murder:

1. Best paranormal romance 2012 - NEC's Bean Pot award- a readers choice award.

2. Award of Merit for Best book by a Virginia Author in VRW's Holt Medallion contest in 2012

DraculaVille - New York -

3. Rudy Award for best novel with strong romantic elements 2013, Chesapeake Romance Writers, Finish the Damn Book Contest.

Find Lara Nance at:

Thank you for featuring on Monday Moments, Lara. My best wishes to you for success with Murder in The World Below


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Amy & Zach

 Amy & Zach
Amy & Zach

The interweaving of points of view of the main characters, Amy and Zack, flowed from page to page and kept the momentum going. They lived, loved and learned a lot about each other as the story unfolded. The main message I took from the book is that the past will always catch up with you! The characters with all their flaws were very likeable even if some of those traits seemed very selfish. A good, satisfying and simple read

Monday, 1 July 2013



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