Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday Moments visits Isle of Larus

Monday Moments features Isle of Larus by Kathy Sharp, published by Crooked Cat Publishing.  

The four guardians of the Isle of Larus have been enjoying quiet and comfortable lives, with nothing more than the occasional shipwreck to trouble them – but all that is about to change.
The Spirit of the Sea decides to send a series of alarming events to test and teach them, as well as providing himself with hours of entertainment at their expense.
For the first test, how will the guardians cope with the arrival of a fleet of completely impossible ships? Not too well at all, it would seem.
And that is just the beginning…

Here's a tempting little excerpt for you to read...  the Reverend Pontius consults Mother Culver, keeper of stories:

‘Pontius had never heard any of Mother Culver’s stories, and he was unprepared when she began to sing softly:

Come the ships on bright and summer’s day
White of wing and curious of sail
Plunge they to the rocks in deadly way
Strike they must, as if at winter’s gale…

“You just made that up, you cheeky old baggage!” exploded Pontius. But she had not heard him, and sang on.

Strike they must, but strike they never do
Gone they are within the blink of eye
Through they go, they sail the island through
See them, brother, to the east they fly…

She shook her head. Pontius thought she was laughing at him, and jumped to his feet, bristling with indignation. “You are nothing but a charlatan, Madam,” he said furiously. “I’ll have none of your rhymes!” And stamped off in a temper.
Mother Culver watched him go, wagging her head gently from side to side. “Mayhap you’ll be back, Reverend,” she said quietly.’

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