Wednesday, 24 July 2013

NEVERMORE A Tale of Love, Loss and Edgar Allan Poe

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NEVERMORE A Tale of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe by David Niall Wilson


The setting for this haunting tale is perfect, the author plunging the reader immediately into the mystery of The Great Dismal Swamp. Instant clues place the tale back in time: the inn, no doubt, with almost as many stories to tell as Edgar himself. From the outset we learn something of what Lenore’s purpose is but perhaps not quite Edgar Poe’s. As Lenore has the compulsion to draw, and Edgar has the impetus to write, the reader like me is hooked on finding exactly what the main characters hope to achieve during their short visit to the creepy area. In parts it is a tale about each of those above mentioned characters but the sub-plots are complex too, and the interaction of all the characters is quite absorbing. The plot is as tortuous as the trees that are in the swamp, some parts of it, I feel, left to conjecture since the ‘loss’ referred to in the title is quite dramatic! The language flows beautifully, harking back to olden times. It is a dark tale which left me a bit staggered at the end- but I don’t do spoilers- read this really good tale for yourself!  

I gave this book 5 stars.*****

Nevermore - A Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe on Amazon | | Barnes & Noble | Crossroad Press

NOTE: While David is on tour with this book (22nd July thru 2nd September) the ebook is $2.99 on Amazon. 

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