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Familiarise Friday meets author Tara Mills.

I'm delighted to welcome Tara Mills to Familiarise Friday today. 
Tara is a fellow Wild Rose Press author, but she's also published her romances with other publishers. Today she's sharing her 'Accidents Make the Heart Grow Fonder' with us. It's a fantastic cover Tara - the book looks like a fun read just from the quirky front image!

I asked Tara some quick-fire questions to get to know her -short answers required! 
Describe yourself using only 6 words. Short, perky, romantic, clumsy, writer, mom.

Where are you from?  Minnesota

Where are you currently living?  Minnesota

What’s your main occupation just now?  Writing.

What makes you happy? Being home, reading, writing, hanging out with my family and friends.

You've been granted a whole week where you can choose every single thing you want to do. What would that be? If money was no object, I’d rent a big house on a beach and fill the bedrooms with my family and friends and simply soak up the sun and good company. I’m easy.  

What’s your favourite reading material?  I read everything, fiction and non-fiction, in a diverse range of genres and subjects. I’m always reading more than one book at a time because I like variety. 

You’re going to begin a new hobby. What would it be? Something creative, like painting or carving.

Who, or what, is the love of your life? I guess that would have to be my husband. I met him young and we married two months after I graduated from high school. It’ll be twenty-nine years this summer.

What is your biggest goal for 2013? I’d like to have my current works in progress finished and signed contracts on both of them. 

That sounds exactly like my writing goals for 2013! Thanks for that glimpse of you, Tara, but let's get back to 'Accidents Make the Heart Grow Fonder'. What's it about? 

Sabrina Eckhart is losing it. Oasis, the restaurant she manages is getting battered by a trendy newcomer, and with everyone looking to her for ideas, you could say she's under a little pressure. But wait, that's not all. Her evil landlady has given her until the end of the month to vacate her crummy apartment. And her thirtieth birthday is looming, reminding her of the milestones she's missed. No wonder she’s distracted and driving off the rails…down the sidewalk, and nearly running over the man with amazing glutes.
Jackson Murphy is an avid jogger, and the local television station’s scrumptious news director -- if he can keep the job. Unfortunately, he has one year to resuscitate their wheezing news department or the owners are going to pull the plug.  His hands are already full even without Sabrina dropping into them. The last thing he needs is to be involved with a publicity stunt.
The road to love is bumpy. It’ll take all of Cupid's arrows, and a lot of interference from friends, for these two to win the Dating Game.

Accidents Make the Heart Grow Fonder is currently available on Amazon and Amazon UK.

Please visit Tara Mills Romance to read more about this and other titles. Be sure to check out my quirky blog while you’re there.

Thank you for featuring today, Tara, and best wishes with all of your novels.

I'm on a flying visit to Tara's blog today with my contemporary novel- Take Me Now- doing a little swap if you've any spare time to hop along! Just click  HERE.


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Topaz Eyes

Welcome to Nancy Jardine Features! I'm delighted to be part of this Book Fair. Please browse around, and then hop on over to all the other lovely books on offer. Click HERE for access to them.

Do you love a treasure hunt? The ultimate mystery is within the mystery...

A peculiar invitation to Heidelberg embroils Keira Drummond in the search for a mysterious collection of extraordinary jewels once owned by a Mughal Emperor; a hoard that was last known to be in the possession of Amsterdam resident, Geertje Hoogeveen, in 1910. 

Who among the progeny of Geertje – hitherto unfamiliar third cousins brought together for the quest – can Keira rely on? Distrust and suspicion among them is rife. 

Which one is greedy, and determined enough, to hire thugs to tail her… and worse… as she travels to Vienna and Minnesota?  Can Keira even trust Teun Zeger - a Californian she is becoming very drawn to – as they pair up to unearth the jewellery? 

As they follow a trail of clues, will they uncover the full collection before the hired gun kills them? Details remain furtive and undisclosed until danger and death forces their exposure. And who harbours the ultimate mystery item that is even more precious than the Mughal jewels? 

Greed, suspicion and murder are balanced by growing family loyalty, trust, and love.

What to do Teun and Keira look like? Click and see...

“Would you ditch the mystery, Jensen, and just enlighten me as to what you think I have that interests you? And tell me why you couldn’t have asked for it in the letter you sent to me? I came here of my own free will – granted – but I’m not hanging around any longer if you’re going to drag this out, for I’m damned sure I’ve no idea what you’re referring to.”
            Jensen’s reply lacked emotion, his face a blank screen, his gaze focused on Teun as Keira regarded the by-play.
            “Teun. It may come as a surprise to you, but you actually know more about this invitation than Keira. At least you knew from my letter I had something of family interest you might be glad to take back to the USA with you. Keira had no such suggestion made to her.”
            Tension rose in the room, which didn’t only radiate from Teun.
            Keira sat uneasy, also unwilling to be in the dark any longer. “Would you please explain why you think I may have something you want, Herr Amsel?” She found herself reluctant to use his first name, considering the antagonism now mounting.
            “All in good time, Keira. And please call me Jensen. I don’t set out to be anyone’s enemy. I believe each of you can provide access to items belonging to the collection. All the pieces are likely to vary in monetary value but, viewed as a complete entity, it will make an impressive display. It’s a historic set… and unique.”

                           ***** You'll find all of Chapter 1 using the TAB above. *****
Amazon UK
Crooked Cat Bookstore


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Truth's Blood

Today I'm featuring Apocalyptic Fiction, a novel by Tyler Roberts called  - Truth's Blood. 

It hadn't seemed possible that a president whose policies had impoverished millions could be reelected. It was the waning years of the American empire and the liberties represented in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were a fading memory. The government monitored every aspect of American life, and the drones buzzing overhead served as a constant reminder, but it was the government's reckless spending that brought the nation to its knees.

Now, the economy is in ruin, and the president's European style welfare state stands at the brink of collapse. The United States is unable to repay its debts. China has come seeking payment in real assets, and they mean business. Chaos reigns; power has been cut; select cities have been decimated by nuclear bombs; and burned out houses occupy neighborhoods like rotting teeth in the mouth of a crack addict. What was new is now old and what was old is now new again.

Cliffson Lang's son attempts to escape the fires and mobs overrunning the city of Seattle. When Cliffson is called away to help, his other son is kidnapped by occupying forces and placed in a work camp. Truth's Blood is the Lang family's story of survival at a time when government dependency must be replaced by self-reliance. As the United States experiences the disintegration of society and foreign occupation, their challenge verges on the impossible.

Truth's Blood on Amazon | Barnes & Noble

About Tyler Roberts

Tyler Roberts is trained and educated in the fields of biology and environmental sciences. His hobbies include beekeeping, organic gardening and writing.

 Tyler's Website | Facebook | Goodreads

Best wishes, Tyler,  with success for Truth's Blood.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday Moments presents The Child Thief

Monday Moments welcomes Melissa Snark. Although I've met Melissa through The Wild Rose Press, Melissa has other published works and today we're featuring her Norse Werewolves Urban Fantasy novella  - The Child Thief.   

There's a very tense excerpt that she's sharing with us, so read on...

The Child Thief:

"Help me! Please. The child thief has stolen my son."

Valkyrie Victoria Storm has werewolf hunters hell bent on revenge trying to kill her. She can barely keep her own downtrodden pack alive, let alone respond to the pleas of a murdered mother.

Can she set aside her differences and work with her sworn enemy to save a little boy from a Christmas nightmare?

Here's a bit about Melissa herself for readers who don't know her:

A friend asked me once how I chose my pen name. I told her the following: "Melissa, because when people mix up my first name, it's the most common goof up. Snark, because it amuses me. A) I love the word 'snarky' and B) I love Lewis Carroll."

For the snark was a boojum, you see.

As an individual, I'm sarcastic, stubborn and blunt to a fault. I have a strange sense of humor and I like to laugh (usually at my husband or children), but also at myself. I'm not particularly extroverted, although I do enjoy time with my family and close friends a great deal.

At the moment, I'm a stay at home mom who writes in my spare time. I've got a B.S. from Arizona State University in Business, and I've worked a variety of different jobs, including as a medical device documentation specialist, a technical writer, and an auto liability adjuster.

I live in the San Francisco East Bay of Northern California with my husband, three kids, and three cats.  My hobbies include roleplaying, cooking and reading.

I enjoy hearing from my readers, so please drop me a line at MelissaSnark at gmail dot com.

Visit Melissa Snark on the web!



"Help me. Please. The child thief has stolen my son," a woman said, her voice full of desperation. An icy hand closed around Victoria Storm's arm and the chill of the grave swept through her body. She gasped and halted, turning toward the woman, but remained silent. She took a moment to study the distraught spirit.
The woman had light brown hair and an olive-toned complexion. She wore a mid-thigh length white nightshirt, stained with dried blood. Her legs and feet were bare. The ghost's appearance mirrored the condition of her body at the time of death—her face and throat bore dark bruises, defensive wounds marred her hands and forearms, and the side of her skull had been bashed in.
The spirit took Victoria's silence as an opportunity to continue her plea. "Please, Michael is all alone and he's so scared. I need your help."
Victoria's gut clenched, because she had no choice except to refuse. "I'm sorry," she said. "But I can't help you."
Several paces ahead, Jasper turned back toward Victoria. His bright eyes focused on the apparently empty spot before her and his eyebrows rose, disappearing beneath his lank brown bangs. His tongue flickered across his lips, moistening them against the aridness of the winter air. "What's up?" he asked, eyes bright with curiosity. "Is a ghost here?"
"Shhh." Victoria shushed him. She cast an anxious glance about her, concerned that their odd behavior would attract the wrong sort of attention. Neither Jasper, nor any of the humans present, could see the dead woman because they lacked Victoria's gift of spirit sight.
Cheerful holiday decorations lined the streets and storefronts along bustling Central Avenue of downtown Albuquerque. The sidewalks were crammed with holiday shoppers out to take advantage of the clear Saturday afternoon before Christmas. No one so much as spared the two werewolves and the invisible spirit a glance.
"You must help me," the woman pleaded. "No one can see or hear me."
At the same time, Jasper said, "What does she want? C'mon, tell me what's going on!"
Victoria spoke to Jasper from the side of her mouth. "She says that her son was kidnapped and she needs me to help him."
Jasper grinned. "Cool!"
"Not so much for her," Victoria said with a glare, irritated with the teen's lack of sensitivity. Not that she really blamed the boy for craving excitement, but their lives were already dangerous enough.
"Find out what we can do," Jasper said.
Goddess help me! The boy has too much testosterone, too little sense. Rolling her eyes heavenward, Victoria exhaled through her nostrils so her breath formed a cloud of vapor. Born and raised in Arizona, she found the extreme winter temperatures of the high desert to be familiar, but the thin air left her lightheaded.
"Come over here so we can speak privately," Victoria said, addressing both the spirit and the boy. She shook off the ghost's hand.
Grasping Jasper's forearm, she pulled him into the natural alcove the western apparel storefront provided, out of the path of pedestrian traffic. Although, the fifteen-year-old stood a full head taller and outweighed her by at least twenty pounds, she moved him without effort. He lacked the stature of an adult male and deferred to her, because she outranked him within their pack's hierarchy. The dead woman followed.
Victoria regarded the distressed woman and her stomach roiled. As Valkyrie and the goddess Freya's priestess, Victoria had a duty to respond to a spirit's call for help. As a nurse and a healer, she had a nurturing nature and rarely passed on an opportunity to render assistance to those in need.
However, she had bigger considerations. Hunters had dogged her pack nonstop for the last two weeks, pursuing them from Arizona to the high desert of New Mexico. Most of her pack, including her parents, had died in Phoenix when the war with the Barrett family began. The fallout had left Victoria in the role of Alpha, the highest ranked wolf and leader of the ragged group of survivors. It was her responsibility to get Jasper to safety and the longer they stayed out in the open, the better the chances the hunters would find them.
"I'm sorry, but I can't save your son," Victoria said. "I have to protect my own people."
The woman moaned but before she said anything else, Jasper launched a passionate protest. "Victoria, we have to help her!" he said. "It's the right thing to do!"
Victoria stifled a groan.
The ghost grabbed her arm again. "Please, he's going to be eaten."

Wow! Thanks for featuring on Monday Moments and best wishes for sales of all of your books , Melissa. 


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Sneak Peak Sunday's 'Beltane Choice'

Hello! I hope your last week has been as good as mine? My main blog has been very busy every day with the April A- Z Challenge Blog Hop, but that's been okay for me since the writing of the posts has been centered on historical topics from the era of my WIP - which is my sequel to The Beltane Choice.

My Sneak-Peek Sunday snippet continues from my historical adventure THE BELTANE CHOICE. Last week's excerpt finds Nara, a princess of the Selgovae, captured by Lorcan of the Brigantes. Lorcan is taking Nara back to his own hillfort and though Nara has attempted escape she hasn't been successful. What follows now is the beginning of Chapter Three and Lorcan is now even more suspicious of her. 
 (If you missed last week's you can still read it at Welcome to she said, he said) 


Lorcan, son of Tully of Garrigill and a prince of the Brigantes, wondered how someone who professed to be Selgovae owned a Roman horse. He was in no doubt the massive stallion was exactly that. No Brigante would have anything to do with the murderous Roman Army, and he doubted any Celtic Selgovae would either. As his father’s second son, he had been trained as an emissary of his people and over the last years had met with many southern tribes. They had not all been Brigantes but were equally in accord in detesting the advance of the Roman forces.
Recently he had journeyed to southern Brigante clan holds, had heard tell of marauding Roman scouts moving northwards, but this woman did not fit the criteria even if she did have a Roman horse. Her Celtic dialect was slightly different from his; hers of a softer lilt to his strong burr.
He determined to draw her out, having learned a smattering of the Latin tongue of the Romans. Grasping her arm, he rattled out a few questions, unsurprised she did not respond.
Her auburn eyebrows furrowed at his change of language. Her reply eventually came, her teeth tight with irritation.
“I do not comprehend. If you wish to insult me, offend me in the language of the Celts so that I may ignore you, or return your affront.” Her heated words spent the woman shrugged out of his grip and stomped ahead.
Lorcan wrenched the leash, dragging her back. Her eyes snapped, darting cold shards while she resisted the tether, her mouth grimly defiant.

Please nip over to the other blogs in this Sneak Peek Sunday hop and read their excerpts. 


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It's Fender Benders...on Familiarise Friday

Familiarise Friday welcomes Niecey Roy today who is under a short and snappy spotlight. If you don't know Niecey, read on, and then sample a fantastic little excerpt from her recent Wild Rose Press release called Fender Bender Blues.
Hi, Niecey. Where do you hail from?

Hm, that’s really tough to answer… I’m a Navy brat, so my dad had us moving all over the place! I was born on the Naval base in the Philippines, lived in Hawaii, California, Illinois. After my dad retired, we finally moved back to Nebraska to the small town he was born and raised in. We then moved to a much smaller town in Nebraska and that’s where I graduated. Moving all the time was tough on us girls, so my sisters and I were happy to finally put down some roots!

I've lived in a large city, now live in a rural village and know how different that can be. Where are you currently living?

I live in Grand Island, Nebraska. It’s not so small…about 50,000-something, I think. Much larger than the little town I graduated from that had a population of about 230!

What would be your ideal place to stay for a month?

I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and stay for about a month. But Greece, Japan and Scotland are all very close in the running! I cannot wait until I can afford to travel. We’re waiting until our two children—8 years and 6 years—are a bit older so we can take them with us so they don’t miss out! 

Good choices! What would you do there?

In Italy? Eat, of course! Ha! I would spend a lot of time sight-seeing.

There's so much more of Italy I still want to see - Greece, too!

Tell me 6 things about yourself.

I’m a bookworm, an optimist, passionate, a romantic, I love to laugh, and I am one of those people who are always trying to fix everything, including people when they seem unhappy. I hate knowing others are sad.

You want to change your lifestyle. What would you change first?

I would be more active. I spend too much time with my laptop on my lap or in front of a computer, writing or working. I don’t think this part of my lifestyle will change any time soon, though. I need both the full time, paying work to support us until my writing career takes off *crossing fingers*

I can totally understand whre you're coming from!  What leisure pursuits would you want to take up in 2013?

Anything that involves me relaxing. Relaxing would be nice. (J)

What’s your most favourite way to travel?

By car. I like to see everything. I would really like to take a train ride someday.

Our trains in the UK can be expensive, but are generally comfortable. 

Another question. What kind of novels do you tend to read? 

I read paranormal romances… Yes, I know, I’m a contemporary romance writer, so it seems odd that I don’t often pick up a contemporary. I don’t like to read in the same genre I write in. I don’t like to feel as if I’m being influenced by anyone else’s writing. I have dreams of writing paranormal, though, so there might be a time in the future, very soon hopefully, where I’ll be writing paranormal and back to reading contemporary!

Thanks for having me today, Nancy! I’d like to share my an excerpt from newest release with The Wild Rose Press, it’s called Fender Bender Blues, a contemporary romantic comedy.

Thanks for visiting, Niecey. I'd love to have you share it with us.  

Find Niecey at:

Fender Bender Blues  

"Classic cars, garden gnomes, and steamy romance? My kind of book!"
~Bestselling Author Kate Perry

“Reading Niecey Roy’s FENDER BENDER BLUES is like eating Lays Potato chips. Once you start, you can’t stop! It’s just that good! For a new (non-fattening) addiction, read Niecey Roy!!! ~Robyn Peterman author of HOW HARD CAN IT BE?

"Fender Bender Blues is a rip-roarin' good time from start to finish. Filled with handsome men, crazy friends, and love scenes to rev up your engines, you don't want to miss this one!" ~Amie Louellen, author of Brodie's Bride and Love Potion Me, Baby


“Now what?”
“Nothing.” Rach sniffed.
Craig shifted to eye her warily. “Since when do you answer me with single words?”
“Since I decided I’m not talking to you,” she answered with a shrug, crumpling up the white paper wrapper from her sub.  
Craig leaned his face in close to her neck and enjoyed the startled jerk of her shoulders. Her eyes opened wide in surprise. His breath shifted a few strands of hair at the nape of her neck as he whispered, “Why, because you want me?”
“You’re incorrigible,” she said, breathless, her cheeks flushed.
She’s enjoying this. The thought pleased him. Rach was on her back beside him now, her eyes closed. He glanced around the park to see if anyone was watching. No one was. He could swoop in for a kiss and no one would catch him. No one would care, he told himself. She won’t mind
“I can feel you staring.”
Craig smiled down at her. “So what.”
She peeked at him with one green eye. “So stop it.”
“And if I don’t?” Maybe she’d tackle him, push him down on the blanket and…
She didn’t. She promptly closed her eye and went back to pretending indifference. “I’ll hit you, that’s what.”
“Not if I do this, you won’t.”
He’d only meant it to be a short kiss, but the pleasure of touching his lips to hers kept him there longer. Her tongue was velvet soft and warm against his and the slow mating of their mouths quickened his heartbeat even as he told himself, It’s no big deal, just a kiss.
She nipped his bottom lip and sent heat sliding through his body. The woman could kiss.
She whispered soft against his lips, “Now why don’t you admit that it’s you who wants me.”

Buy from: 

Best wishes with Fender Bender Blues, Niecey.


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Spooking by Gill James


Spooking by Gill James 

This is an enjoyable paranormal YA novel with a simple, almost timeless, plot of being in that in- between place after death. Although it’s called ‘Spooking’ there’s nothing scary about it, in fact it’s a very gentle transition and any paranormal activity and interaction with the living is very credible. It’s very easy to identify with Tom and to feel for him as he struggles with his tasks- one of life’s (if I can say that) genuinely nice guys. Amanda's situation is not one anyone wants to experience but it's a scenario that happens too often. There’s an innocence about the story that makes it almost a story of yesteryear.

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Welcome - About Face

I'd like to welcome Amy Lee Burgess today. She's come along with a lot of things to share with us and has brought along Stanzie Newcastle, who is the protagonist of the Wolf Within series. Stanzie's answered some really neat questions. 

Let's find out a few things about Amy Lee first...

Amy Lee Burgess is a transplanted New Englander living in Houston, Texas with two dogs and lots of DVDs. In an attempt to bond with the city after being forced out of New Orleans post-Katrina, she turned to her writing. Determined to finally finish that novel she'd been hacking away at since high school, Amy managed to come up with a wolf shifter character named Stanzie Newcastle. She and Stanzie have been BFFs ever since.

In addition to Stanzie, Amy has also forged a relationship with several vampires, a witch or two, and other assorted supernatural creatures she hopes will entertain her readers. But she will always have room for coffee and butterscotch squares with Stanzie.

Recently, over butterscotch squares and coffee, I asked Stanzie a few questions.  These are her answers.

Q. If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for?
I’d wish for Murphy back. He’s my bond mate. I love him so much.
I’d wish for my wolf to be happy. After everything she’s been through, I hope that now things are different, she won’t be so unhappy. She tried so hard for me and Murphy. We had no idea what the matter was and if we had, we never would have pushed her the way we did.  I hope she forgives me and she’ll be happy again. She used to be so happy. I want that back for her.
I’d wish for Wren, my mother, to find herself. She always defined herself through my father and came up short and I wish she would really see herself for who she is and who she could be. She’s such an awesome woman and she’s never been allowed to express herself. Now she has the chance and I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

Q. When you walk into a room, what do you notice first?
If there are people in the room, I notice their shoes. I have a thing for shoes. You can actually tell a lot about a person from what kind of shoes they wear.  You can tell if they are rich.  You can tell if they are adventurous or conservative. If they keep up with the latest style or if that doesn’t matter to them.  If they are outgoing or shy. So many things.

Q. What really moves you or touches you to the soul?         
Music. Harp music. It’s been so long since I’ve played. I miss it. 

Q. Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done? What would happen if you did it?
I’ve always wanted to have a baby, but with my wolf being the way she was, I figured I never could because my baby’s wolf might be different like mine and I didn’t want that to happen.  But now things could be different, so if I did it, I would get a chance to see the world through a child’s eyes again and a chance to be a different kind of parent than mine were. 

Q. How do you feel about your life right now?  What would you change if you could?
It’s not fun living in limbo like I am. Because I’m Pack, I need a bond mate to be a part of things. I was a loner for two years and I hated every minute. So if I could change anything, it would be to fix things with Murphy so I could be safe in a pack.  Plus, you know, I’d get Murphy back. If I had a second chance, I’d make things very different.

Q. What part of loving comes easy for you? What’s difficult?
I’m good at the little things in love. I’m the one who makes sure life runs smoothly. Bills are paid, meals are prepared, clothes are clean. I love to surprise my lover with little gifts and surprises. The day to day stuff, I’m really good at.  What I don’t seem to be able to do is say I love you first. I should have told Murphy I loved him. Maybe if he’d known I did, he would have stayed. Who knows, right?

Q. How about a fun question? What’s your favorite song in the world right now?
Beneath the Skin by Collide.  Here’s a YouTube video of it. You want to watch and listen with me? While you’re distracted, I’ll snag the last butterscotch square!

Great answers, Stanzie. Good luck with getting that mate of yours. 

Stanzie’s job as Advisor to the Great Council is discovering other people’s secrets. When those secrets are being kept by the ones she loves most, can she find the courage to expose them?

Under orders from a Councilor, Stanzie journeys to Dublin and the MacTire pack. Her mission: warn her estranged bond mate, Liam Murphy, to abandon his overzealous search for the man responsible for the death of his first bond mate. Not only is he endangering himself, but also disrupting the delicate balance between opposing factions in the conspiracy threatening to tear the Great Pack apart.

Liam needs Stanzie’s help to protect their Alpha, who has entangled himself in the conspiracy’s deadly web. But he also desperately wants her back. In a race against time, Stanzie and Liam discover enemies often wear the faces of friends.

CONTENT WARNING: Vulgar language, sexual situations, some violence
A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance

Our fingers were still linked when I opened my eyes hours later. The bedroom smelled of sex--of us--and while he wasn't snoring, Murphy’s breath was slow and heavy, the way I remembered from the nights we’d spent together in America.
For a moment I was filled with such aching happiness I almost expected to levitate off the bed. But then I remembered everything, and black despair bit into me so hard I wondered I didn't bleed.

He’d rolled off me at some point, but we were still on top of the covers. I let go of his hand and slid off the bed. I found his t-shirt and my panties, put them on and fled to the living room.

The remains of our dinner had congealed on our plates on the table. The lights were still on, and I got as far as the sofas before my legs went out from beneath me and I couldn't breathe.

Murphy appeared like a ghost in the bedroom doorway. His eyes were very dark.

“Can we talk about it, Stanzie?”

“What’s to talk about?” I drew one of the throw pillows defensively close to my stomach.

I loved him but he didn't love me. I’d tried so hard not to let that overwhelm me and make peace with it. Of all the people in his life he protected, I was the last on the list and that’s not where I wanted to be. “You chose Paddy and Mac Tire over me, and I guess I get that, but it hurts.”

“I had no idea you loved me.” His tone was raw and desperate. “I thought I was doing the right thing. You didn't need to be put at risk in this, and I thought I could--”

“What? Don’t lie to me, Liam. You didn't want me involved because you’re going to do something stupid to save Paddy and your father. Why should you martyr yourself for them?”

“Paddy came to me for help,” Murphy shouted and the muscles in his face strained as he struggled to regain control. “He had nowhere else to turn, don’t you see? It’s not like I could tell him to go screw himself. He’s my best mate.”

“But it’s okay to tell me to go screw myself, I guess. I’m your bond mate. You wouldn't come to my tribunal. You threw me out like so much garbage when Paddy told you his problems. And you couldn't even tell me why. You’re so hell-bent on saving everybody, but it’s always on your terms and you have to be the one to give help--you never want it in return. I would have helped you. I would have done anything for Paddy--he’s my Alpha--but you decided what was best for me in your typical high-handed Liam Murphy fashion, and to hell with what I thought, what I wanted.

“And then tonight you take advantage of the fact I love you so you can, what? Have sex?

Haven’t you screwed anyone in four months, or have you just screwed people over?”

His face blanched of all color, and he stared at me, his dark eyes bottomless.

“That wasn't just sex. Did that feel like just sex to you?”

“No, not to me. I love you. But that’s what it was to you. Will you please leave me alone? I’m tired and I want to go to sleep.”

“Stanzie, I know you’re tired, but we've got to talk about this.”

“In the morning. Maybe.” I turned away from him because I couldn't stand to look at the entreaty in his eyes. In a heartbeat I’d be across the floor to him, and screw that.

He abruptly gave in. “Look, you take the bed, I’ll sleep out here.”

“No, I’ll stay out here.” I was ten seconds from tears, and I wanted him gone so he wouldn't see.

“Stanzie, take the bed.”

“No,” I shouted, and the damn tears poured down my cheeks. “It smells like us in there, don’t you get it? And us is a lie. Just let me do what I want, goddamn it.”

He opened his mouth to argue, but then, defeated, retreated and did as I asked.

Best wishes with About Face, Amy Lee, and  thanks for visiting Nancy Jardine Features...

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Monday Moments Features Cathy Tully

Monday Moments welcomes Cathy Tully, a fellow Wild Rose Press author. Cathy has also published with Astrea Press. Today we can take a look at Marrying Mr. Right and All You Need Is Love.

Marrying Mr. Right (Dearly Beloved) by Cathy Tully
Missy Modesto had it all: a successful business, two fabulous kids, and a twenty-seven-year marriage to her high school sweetheart. But when too many arguments left them unable to compromise, she and Vinnie separated. Now, nine months later, their daughter is getting married and wants Missy to plan the wedding.

Vinnie Modesto is trying to put his life back together. He keeps in touch with his kids and is building his business to its full potential--something he should have done before the only woman he ever loved ended their marriage.

Missy dreads seeing Vinnie again, but when he arrives, eager to help with the wedding and offering solutions to every problem, Missy isn't sure what to think. Can she believe in the new man he's become during their separation? Or is this just another in a long line of Vinnie's empty promises?
Published by The Wild Rose Press

All You Need Is Love by Cathy Tully

Kaitlin Stiles’ plan is to take over her family coffeehouse; until Cunningham Coffee moves to town and puts every mom and pop coffee establishment within fifty miles out of business. In doubt about her future, she travels to Boston to care for her ailing grandmother and take a part-time job as a dog walker.

Jack DeVane is on the fast track to becoming the youngest CEO in Cunningham Coffee history. Focused, determined and dedicated, he doesn’t let anything get in the way of his goals...until a little homeless dog wanders into Jack’s condo, and a beautiful dog walker wanders into his heart.

Can this little dog teach Kaitlin to let go of her resentment? Teach Jack there’s more to life than work? And teach them both--that all they really need is love? 

Published by Astrea Press

 About the Author

Cathy Tully published a children’s non-fiction book, NEBRASKA, in 2004. When library sales dropped, she turned to the romance genre and hasn’t looked back since. A born and bred New Jersey girl, Cathy resides in the central part of the state with her husband and two daughters. In her free time, she enjoys learning Isshinyru Karate, going to the beach, reading, creating counted cross stitch projects, and attacking any kind of puzzle that comes her way.

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Review and Interview - Two Timing the Boss and Christine Warner

Today my Features blog extends a huge welcome to my Wild Rose Press friend - Christine Warner. We've got lots in store for you including an interview, an excerpt for your coffee-break read and my review of her very entertaining romance  - Two Timing the Boss.  

My questions for Christine:
Take yourself back 20 years and tell us if you had any aspirations to become an author at that time.
Most definitely. I knew I wanted to write when I won an essay contest in elementary school and then a couple of years after that I won a young authors contest. I was hooked J
What were you mainly doing as a daily occupation at that time?
I was a starry-eyed elementary student who entertained her classmates at recess with made up stories that featured them as the main characters. Lol Oh, the fun!
And today? How do you mainly spend an average day? 
I’m lucky that I work my 30 hours per week on Saturday and Sunday. I know, you’re thinking that doesn’t sound lucky—but it affords me plenty of time during the week to tend to my real passion—writing romance.
Now jump forward 20 years from today. What do you think you’d like to be doing then?
Definitely still writing romance, but I’d like to be doing it on my own little tropical island surrounded by my close friends and family and pets J That sounds like heaven doesn’t it? 
What’s your preferred genre for reading material?
I love to read contemporary romance, which is probably why I love to write it so much. But I did promise myself in 2012 that I’d expand my horizons and have read some wonderful historicals and paranormals.
I also love to read true crime, especially if it was written by Ann Rule. I’ve had a fascination with true crime since the early 90’s. You’d think I’d write suspense wouldn’t you, but for some reason I can’t stop my humor from coming through on the pages and that doesn’t always mix well.

What genre/ sub-genre do you feel comfortable writing in?
Contemporary romance all the way. I’d love to branch out eventually, but I’m in no rush.
My first book, Some Like it in Handcuffs, is actually a light hearted romantic suspense…but with humor. I had a great time with that story and the characters, but I still crave contemporary for the most part. 
What do you think will be the main reading materials within the next decade? Books, some form of portable tablets?
Truthfully I think there will be a mixture. There are some books that I don’t mind reading on my Nook and am happy to add them to my virtual library. But then there are those books that I just have to hold in my hand. An old favourite, or a new favourite that I know I want to display proudly on my bookshelves for all to see.
In recent years there’s been a movement towards popular cult-type stories- sometimes driven by what’s been popular on TV and the cinema, like Vampire, shifter, time-shift sub-genres. What do you see as being the ideal focus to capture the imagination in 5 years time?

I like that there is a mixture so that everyone can find what they enjoy. If you enjoy vampires, then I hope there are many books and movies and television series to fill your spare time. And that goes along with wishing all historical fans find what they are looking for as well as lovers of contemporaries, steam-punk, westerns…well, you get the picture. There’s room enough for all genres. 
Can you give us an idea of what your writing schedules might be like during the remainder of 2013 and on to 2014?
I actually have decided to devote 2013 to “me time”—does that sound greedy? Lol By “me time” I am referring to writing time. I’d like to write and submit at least 3 books in 2013 and then add maybe one or two more to that schedule for 2014. I want to focus on what I love—and that love is writing.
Fast and furious:
Ice cream or chocolate cake?
Uh-oh, I’m going to show my greed again. I’m thinking chocolate cake with ice cream..vanilla works for me.
Home made lemonade or rum cocktails? 
I’m really a bit water and tea drinker, but if I had to choose from these two, I’d go with home made lemonade.
Cycling tour of France or a beach holiday in the Caribbean?
Definitely a beach holiday in the Caribbean…I might even ride a bike while I’m there, but I don’t want it to be a competition…lol
A date with a politician (you can name if you choose this one), or a date with Gerard Butler?
Hands down (or wrapped around his delish body) I’d go with Gerard Butler. YUM!
Children or pets?
I love my kids beyond words, and I love my pets as well because they are also like my kids. How about we give me a twofer here? lol
Great answers Christine! It's good to get to know you that little bit more.

And... before my review which I thoroughly enjoyed writing, we'll read the blurb to get the jist of it...

Farah Smith is on a mission: secure the funds for her twin sister’s surgery. She’ll do whatever it takes to succeed. Even if that means putting her values aside to work for a man she finds morally bankrupt. But when the real Farah meets her new boss, she wonders if she’ll be able to resist his sexy advances long enough to help her sister. 

From the blonde wig, to the stilettos strapped around her ankles, Farah’s a clone of Keller Donovan’s harem of past assistants. She can’t believe she’s let herself be talked into the disguise, let alone working for the man planning to demolish the hospital her sister so desperately needs, but the salary he offers is the only way she’ll be able to afford her sister’s surgery. The moment Farah meets Keller she realizes her most daunting task isn’t typing, spreadsheets or organizing travel arrangements, but fighting the growing attraction toward a man whose ruthlessness is legendary in the boardroom as well as the bedroom. 
Determined not to end up in a disastrous marriage like his divorced parents, Keller believes all relationships should have a shelf life of sixth months or less. But when he meets Farah, all bets are off. He not only wants her to continue as his personal assistant, but his own private bed warmer. Unfortunately, his offer of an affair doesn’t sit well with her fairytale dreams or the strangled hold gripping his heart.

My review: 

Two Timing the Boss by Christine Warner 

Another highly entertaining read from Christine Warner! What lengths will one twin go to, to ensure the health and wellbeing of the other? At first I wasn’t too enamoured with the seemingly selfish Karah, but she eventually grew on me. On the other hand, it’s very easy to empathise with Farah since she’s willing to do so much for her sister. The deception Farah practices to gain the job with Keller Donovan proves to be much more arduous than she may have imagined when the idea was mooted – and maintaining the disguise provides plenty of instances for humour in the novel. I definitely wouldn’t have liked to be ‘in her shoes’! I liked it that Keller may have been a guy with a ‘tainted’ reputation but that he really is a man with a big heart. This was an easy read with a good pace which kept me interested from start to finish. 

I award it a 5***** read. 

Christine Warner is living her dream in Michigan along with her husband, three children, one laptop and a much loved assortment of furry friends. Besides laughing and a good round of humor, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, writing but no arithmetic. A confessed people watcher, she finds inspiration for her stories in everyday activities. She loves to read and write about strong heroes and determined, sometimes sassy, heroines. A girl gone wild, at least where social media is concerned, she enjoys meeting other avid readers and writers on Facebook, Twitter and her Website. 

Christine's Website | Twitter | FacebookGoodread
Two Timing the Boss on Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Wild Rose Press


These damn shoes would be the death of her. She could read the headlines now: Penniless P.A. Falls to her Death while on Job Interview.

Almost to her destination, with no more mishaps, her confidence surfaced. Okay, maybe mastering this heel thing wouldn’t be such a big deal. Her steps became light, almost bouncy. Although she sensed Keller Donovan behind her, she didn’t let it deter her feeling of success. She stepped onto the large black and red area rug, less than ten feet from her target. The leather chairs.

“Oh!” Farah’s spiky heel caught on the edge of the expensive rug. Her legs shook and she shot her arms out from her sides, circling them like a bird about to take flight. She fought to regain balance inside the ridiculous stilts strapped to her feet. A brawl to the death. Over when she looked down to see the rug coming up to kiss her face. She threw out her hands, sucked in a breath and closed her eyes, scrunching her face as she prepared for impact.

But nothing happened. There were stars all right, and a blazing jolt of electricity shot from her toes, up her legs, through her body and exited with the small gasp which escaped her lips. Somehow Keller Donovan had grabbed her around the waist before she met the floor.

Heat burned her cheeks. He may have saved her body from bruises, but her ego, and whatever confidence she’d walked in with had shattered.

“Let’s not have an accident before your health benefits kick in.” His breath tickled her ear from behind. Chills hugged her backbone.

His touch released an unsettling flutter in her abdomen. She sucked in her stomach from the pressure of his strong arms wrapped around her middle, afraid to breathe.


Christine's Website | Twitter | FacebookGoodreads 
Two Timing the Boss on Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Wild Rose Press

Thanks for visiting today, Christine. Best wishes with Two Timing the Boss- it was a very entertaining read.