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Monday Moments Features Cathy Tully

Monday Moments welcomes Cathy Tully, a fellow Wild Rose Press author. Cathy has also published with Astrea Press. Today we can take a look at Marrying Mr. Right and All You Need Is Love.

Marrying Mr. Right (Dearly Beloved) by Cathy Tully
Missy Modesto had it all: a successful business, two fabulous kids, and a twenty-seven-year marriage to her high school sweetheart. But when too many arguments left them unable to compromise, she and Vinnie separated. Now, nine months later, their daughter is getting married and wants Missy to plan the wedding.

Vinnie Modesto is trying to put his life back together. He keeps in touch with his kids and is building his business to its full potential--something he should have done before the only woman he ever loved ended their marriage.

Missy dreads seeing Vinnie again, but when he arrives, eager to help with the wedding and offering solutions to every problem, Missy isn't sure what to think. Can she believe in the new man he's become during their separation? Or is this just another in a long line of Vinnie's empty promises?
Published by The Wild Rose Press

All You Need Is Love by Cathy Tully

Kaitlin Stiles’ plan is to take over her family coffeehouse; until Cunningham Coffee moves to town and puts every mom and pop coffee establishment within fifty miles out of business. In doubt about her future, she travels to Boston to care for her ailing grandmother and take a part-time job as a dog walker.

Jack DeVane is on the fast track to becoming the youngest CEO in Cunningham Coffee history. Focused, determined and dedicated, he doesn’t let anything get in the way of his goals...until a little homeless dog wanders into Jack’s condo, and a beautiful dog walker wanders into his heart.

Can this little dog teach Kaitlin to let go of her resentment? Teach Jack there’s more to life than work? And teach them both--that all they really need is love? 

Published by Astrea Press

 About the Author

Cathy Tully published a children’s non-fiction book, NEBRASKA, in 2004. When library sales dropped, she turned to the romance genre and hasn’t looked back since. A born and bred New Jersey girl, Cathy resides in the central part of the state with her husband and two daughters. In her free time, she enjoys learning Isshinyru Karate, going to the beach, reading, creating counted cross stitch projects, and attacking any kind of puzzle that comes her way.

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