Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sneak Peak Sunday's 'Beltane Choice'

Hello! I hope your last week has been as good as mine? My main blog has been very busy every day with the April A- Z Challenge Blog Hop, but that's been okay for me since the writing of the posts has been centered on historical topics from the era of my WIP - which is my sequel to The Beltane Choice.

My Sneak-Peek Sunday snippet continues from my historical adventure THE BELTANE CHOICE. Last week's excerpt finds Nara, a princess of the Selgovae, captured by Lorcan of the Brigantes. Lorcan is taking Nara back to his own hillfort and though Nara has attempted escape she hasn't been successful. What follows now is the beginning of Chapter Three and Lorcan is now even more suspicious of her. 
 (If you missed last week's you can still read it at Welcome to she said, he said) 


Lorcan, son of Tully of Garrigill and a prince of the Brigantes, wondered how someone who professed to be Selgovae owned a Roman horse. He was in no doubt the massive stallion was exactly that. No Brigante would have anything to do with the murderous Roman Army, and he doubted any Celtic Selgovae would either. As his father’s second son, he had been trained as an emissary of his people and over the last years had met with many southern tribes. They had not all been Brigantes but were equally in accord in detesting the advance of the Roman forces.
Recently he had journeyed to southern Brigante clan holds, had heard tell of marauding Roman scouts moving northwards, but this woman did not fit the criteria even if she did have a Roman horse. Her Celtic dialect was slightly different from his; hers of a softer lilt to his strong burr.
He determined to draw her out, having learned a smattering of the Latin tongue of the Romans. Grasping her arm, he rattled out a few questions, unsurprised she did not respond.
Her auburn eyebrows furrowed at his change of language. Her reply eventually came, her teeth tight with irritation.
“I do not comprehend. If you wish to insult me, offend me in the language of the Celts so that I may ignore you, or return your affront.” Her heated words spent the woman shrugged out of his grip and stomped ahead.
Lorcan wrenched the leash, dragging her back. Her eyes snapped, darting cold shards while she resisted the tether, her mouth grimly defiant.

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  1. Oh a heated moment here. The snippet ended all too soon! :)

    1. Hello Karen! Too soon? That's a pity but there's always next week. :-)

  2. Love it. Lots of great historical tidbits sprinkled in as the tension between these two continues to build. He's trying so hard to figure her out!

    1. Hi, Delynn. Does a man ever do that with a woman?

  3. What a wonderful taste of detail! Wonder how she will respond to his action :)

    1. Next week? Maybe you'll know! Thanks for popping in.