Friday, 12 April 2013

It's Fender Benders...on Familiarise Friday

Familiarise Friday welcomes Niecey Roy today who is under a short and snappy spotlight. If you don't know Niecey, read on, and then sample a fantastic little excerpt from her recent Wild Rose Press release called Fender Bender Blues.
Hi, Niecey. Where do you hail from?

Hm, that’s really tough to answer… I’m a Navy brat, so my dad had us moving all over the place! I was born on the Naval base in the Philippines, lived in Hawaii, California, Illinois. After my dad retired, we finally moved back to Nebraska to the small town he was born and raised in. We then moved to a much smaller town in Nebraska and that’s where I graduated. Moving all the time was tough on us girls, so my sisters and I were happy to finally put down some roots!

I've lived in a large city, now live in a rural village and know how different that can be. Where are you currently living?

I live in Grand Island, Nebraska. It’s not so small…about 50,000-something, I think. Much larger than the little town I graduated from that had a population of about 230!

What would be your ideal place to stay for a month?

I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and stay for about a month. But Greece, Japan and Scotland are all very close in the running! I cannot wait until I can afford to travel. We’re waiting until our two children—8 years and 6 years—are a bit older so we can take them with us so they don’t miss out! 

Good choices! What would you do there?

In Italy? Eat, of course! Ha! I would spend a lot of time sight-seeing.

There's so much more of Italy I still want to see - Greece, too!

Tell me 6 things about yourself.

I’m a bookworm, an optimist, passionate, a romantic, I love to laugh, and I am one of those people who are always trying to fix everything, including people when they seem unhappy. I hate knowing others are sad.

You want to change your lifestyle. What would you change first?

I would be more active. I spend too much time with my laptop on my lap or in front of a computer, writing or working. I don’t think this part of my lifestyle will change any time soon, though. I need both the full time, paying work to support us until my writing career takes off *crossing fingers*

I can totally understand whre you're coming from!  What leisure pursuits would you want to take up in 2013?

Anything that involves me relaxing. Relaxing would be nice. (J)

What’s your most favourite way to travel?

By car. I like to see everything. I would really like to take a train ride someday.

Our trains in the UK can be expensive, but are generally comfortable. 

Another question. What kind of novels do you tend to read? 

I read paranormal romances… Yes, I know, I’m a contemporary romance writer, so it seems odd that I don’t often pick up a contemporary. I don’t like to read in the same genre I write in. I don’t like to feel as if I’m being influenced by anyone else’s writing. I have dreams of writing paranormal, though, so there might be a time in the future, very soon hopefully, where I’ll be writing paranormal and back to reading contemporary!

Thanks for having me today, Nancy! I’d like to share my an excerpt from newest release with The Wild Rose Press, it’s called Fender Bender Blues, a contemporary romantic comedy.

Thanks for visiting, Niecey. I'd love to have you share it with us.  

Find Niecey at:

Fender Bender Blues  

"Classic cars, garden gnomes, and steamy romance? My kind of book!"
~Bestselling Author Kate Perry

“Reading Niecey Roy’s FENDER BENDER BLUES is like eating Lays Potato chips. Once you start, you can’t stop! It’s just that good! For a new (non-fattening) addiction, read Niecey Roy!!! ~Robyn Peterman author of HOW HARD CAN IT BE?

"Fender Bender Blues is a rip-roarin' good time from start to finish. Filled with handsome men, crazy friends, and love scenes to rev up your engines, you don't want to miss this one!" ~Amie Louellen, author of Brodie's Bride and Love Potion Me, Baby


“Now what?”
“Nothing.” Rach sniffed.
Craig shifted to eye her warily. “Since when do you answer me with single words?”
“Since I decided I’m not talking to you,” she answered with a shrug, crumpling up the white paper wrapper from her sub.  
Craig leaned his face in close to her neck and enjoyed the startled jerk of her shoulders. Her eyes opened wide in surprise. His breath shifted a few strands of hair at the nape of her neck as he whispered, “Why, because you want me?”
“You’re incorrigible,” she said, breathless, her cheeks flushed.
She’s enjoying this. The thought pleased him. Rach was on her back beside him now, her eyes closed. He glanced around the park to see if anyone was watching. No one was. He could swoop in for a kiss and no one would catch him. No one would care, he told himself. She won’t mind
“I can feel you staring.”
Craig smiled down at her. “So what.”
She peeked at him with one green eye. “So stop it.”
“And if I don’t?” Maybe she’d tackle him, push him down on the blanket and…
She didn’t. She promptly closed her eye and went back to pretending indifference. “I’ll hit you, that’s what.”
“Not if I do this, you won’t.”
He’d only meant it to be a short kiss, but the pleasure of touching his lips to hers kept him there longer. Her tongue was velvet soft and warm against his and the slow mating of their mouths quickened his heartbeat even as he told himself, It’s no big deal, just a kiss.
She nipped his bottom lip and sent heat sliding through his body. The woman could kiss.
She whispered soft against his lips, “Now why don’t you admit that it’s you who wants me.”

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Best wishes with Fender Bender Blues, Niecey.



  1. Wonderful to learn more about you Niecey. How lucky that you traveled so much growing up :)

    Congrats on your book and with your writing career. Fingers crossed for us both that we can eventually write full time! Sounds like heaven :)

    1. Thanks Christine! I've met so many wonderful writers being published through The Wild Rose Press; I wish them all (you included) success so that we can all sit home and create beautiful stories :) I realize it's not an overnight thing, and since I'm not a patient person, it drives me a little nuts that I can't write full time NOW. ha!!! Hey, that's another thing I should have put in the "6 things about you" part -- I'm IMPATIENT to a fault!

  2. Great interview, ladies! Niecey, your life sounds a lot like mine -- except for the traveling part. LOL I bet you have a ton of memories to pull from for your writing with experiencing all those different places. Congrats on the release and here's to a boatload of sales! XO

    1. I did travel a lot, but the places I wish I had been older to experience (Philippines and Hawaii), I was too young to remember much. I do have memories of Hawaii though, and I cling to them until I can go back and really see it through adult eyes. One day, I hope to go back to the Philippines and see where my mom was born and raised until she was 14. She still visits there; I'd love to go with her sometime! Thanks for stopping by, AJ!

  3. Fun interview, girls. I enjoy getting to know my friends better. I would like to go to Ireland but there are so many places right here in America I'd love to see, too. The Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, Niagra Falls... Congrats again on your debut release honey. I have my copy and hope to read it this year. LOL

    1. I know what you mean, Calisa! My husband and I have no big plans to travel outside of the United States until we have seen all the places right here we'd like to see. While the kids are young, it's easier for us to travel within the U.S. Overseas will definitely be when they are in their teens! I have two of your books on my Kindle App waiting to be read. Did I tell you I'm going to attempt to take 2 weeks off from writing after this book is finished, to read??? We'll see if I actually follow through with that, or if I will cave and park my laptop on my lap and start writing right away ;) I'm predictable like that!

  4. Great interview and excerpt. Niecey, I write paranormal and historical, but when I'm working on a paranormal WIP or doing edits, I don't read paranormal. Same with historical. If I get a chance to read while editing or writing, I don't read in that genre for the same reasons you stated. I don't want to be subconsciously influenced by another author's voice or style.

    1. I don't know what it is, but if I read in the same genre I'm writing in then I have this urge to doubt everything I've written! Which is something that has thrown me off while writing the book I am currently writing! In the beginning of the year I had promised to read 2 other novels by contemporary authors and I kept thing, ugh, my book is sucking, maybe I should change this or that. I finally had to knock it off, put aside my TBR pile and just focus on my voice without interruptions :) Thanks for stopping by, Lilly!

  5. And thanks so much, Nancy, for having me today! Loved visiting your blog, and very grateful to everyone who has stopped by already! You are all amazing!

  6. Hi Niecey! I loved that excerpt. I can't wait to catch up on my own writing and get started on my copy of Fender Bender Blues.
    I envy all your travel. I've never been outside the US. My last vacation was about 30 years ago. I'd love to take a train across the country and just read, eat, and sleep.

  7. Sexy excerpt--love it! If you visit Italy and eat your way through it, be prepared to come home 20 lbs heavier! Trust me, I know.

  8. It's great to have you all pop in today and support Niecey, thank you. I've just had an impromptu few hours of gardening with my granddaughter (no snow and actually quite pleasant with 3 layers on) which is why I'm not blogging and not writing and not reading either!

  9. I got to spend 5 glorious days in Rome and 1 at Pompeii. I've also spent several weeks at a time in the UK. I would give anything to go stay a few months in Italy, Ireland or England and get really immersed in the culture there.