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Monday Moments - I Know You Know

Monday Moments on my main blog features Helen Howell, a fellow Crooked Cat author. Helen has some great answers to my interview questions over there but she has kindly shared her blurb and an exciting little exerpt here. 


The darkest cards in the tarot deck reveal the darkest side of the man sitting opposite Janice—Mr. Edgar Kipp.

She feigns an inability to read for him, but will he believe her?  His parting words indicate that he knows she knows he's a serial killer. And he plans to return. 

The voice of her dead grandmother urges her to be careful, warning Janice she might be seeing her own future in those foreboding cards. 

But Janice doesn't want to listen. Gran's dead. 

How can she possibly help her?

Excerpt from Chapter 1 - The Reading:

Present day

“Well, tell me my fortune then. What do you see?” he asked in a sharp nasally voice.

Janice stared at the man sat opposite her. He had pinched features and thinning greasy hair parted just above his ear and swept over the top of his head. Nothing about him was unusual. He would easily fade into a crowd, yet there was something about him that made her flesh creep. 

One of her clients had recommended him and, although that strange voice of his had echoed down the phone, he had seemed reasonable. Well, as reasonable as one could tell from a telephone conversation. She had told him the fee and he had agreed, so she gave him a time and a date and wrote it in her diary. Now facing him, she wished she hadn’t let him into her house.

She glanced down at the pack of cards in her hand and began to shuffle them. Her reluctance to read for him was growing with every moment that passed.

Be careful what you say. He’s dangerous, warned the voice. You’ll see, the cards will show you. We’ll read them together, but say nothing.

“What are you waiting for? You’re a fortune-teller, aren’t you?” He pressed his thin lips together.
Janice continued to shuffle the cards. Who are you? What are you? She asked silently as she flipped over the first card. The Devil.

He’s evil, whispered the voice. He’s unbalanced, obsessed.

Janice looked at the card on the table. Obsessed, but with what? Almost afraid, she turned over the next card and stared. Death stared back at her. 

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Helen has also published:

Jumping At Shaddows is available from Smashwords

Praise for Jumping at Shadows
‘Howell’s ability to tell a good story is abundantly evident in Jumping at Shadows.’
‘Jumping at Shadows is a truly delightful read.’
‘Howell’s work is a lot like J. K. Rowling’s.’
‘Jumping at Shadows is definitely a page turner.’
‘Jumping at Shadows took me on an unexpected adventure. It made me feel as if I were on a magical journey with the two girls. A very good read!’
‘The character development in this was so good.’

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