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King of Hearts

Today, I welcome Kay David who has brought along her King of Hearts to be featured. Kay's also agreed to be interviewed so that we can all get to know her better. After enjoying that, learn more details of her novel and the fabulous 'GIVEAWAY' that she's offering today. 
photo supplied by Kay David

Here's a sneaky peek of what's on offer.

Welcome to my features blog, Kay. Take yourself back 20 years and tell us if you had any aspirations to become an author at that time. I’ve always been a writer, even when I was a little kid.  After I made my initial sale, my father gave me something he’d been saving.  It was a tiny book I’d made and written in.  The title was My First Book.  It was about a pony, believe it or not.

What were you mainly doing as a daily occupation at that time? Just to name a few, I’ve worked as a home builder, a computer programmer at NASA, and owned my own jewellery firm.  Oh, and I have a degree in behavioural science. I’m not lying. Really.  I’ve done it all.

And today? How do you mainly spend an average day? I try to write 10-20 pages a day, usually fail, then go out and get coffee.  About 5 minutes before my husband comes home and wants to eat, I get going.

Now jump forward 20 years from today. What do you think you’d like to be doing then? Probably the same thing.  (Hey!  These are hard questions.  You’re making me think!)

What’s your preferred genre for reading material? Well, romance, of course.  But I also have a thing for apocalyptic fiction.  And right now I’m reading Game of Thorns.  I’m in awe.

What genre/ sub-genre do you feel comfortable writing in? I love romantic suspense, but I’m doing a short contemporary next.  Something a lot lighter, funnier, sexier.

What do you think will be the main reading materials within the next decade? Books, some form of portable tablets? I can’t begin to imagine.  If my husband is any example, I’d say our electronics will be part of our bodies from which we are never parted.

In recent years there’s been a movement towards popular cult-type stories- sometimes driven by what’s been popular on TV and the cinema, like Vampire, shifter, time-shift sub-genres. What do you see as being the ideal focus to capture the imagination in 5 years time? I would LOVE to know the answer to this because I would start writing it right now and make a fortune.  Unfortunately, I’m not very good at that sort of thing. That said, I am seeing more and more zombies, though.  (In literature, not literally) I love zombies.

Can you give us an idea of what your writing schedules might be like during the remainder of 2013 and on to 2014? Flexible.  Always flexible.  I would like to see my short contemporary hit the e-shelves shortly but time will tell.

Fast and furious:
Ice cream or chocolate cake? cake

Home made lemonade or rum cocktails? Sorry…beer

Cycling tour of France or a beach holiday in the Caribbean? The beach, for sure

A date with a politician, or a date with Gerard Butler? Is this a trick question?  Gerard Butler, of course!

Children or pets? Pets, Cats especially.  My Bengal kitty for sure!

Fantastic answers, Kay!  Thank you.

She loved him so much, she was willing to kill. He loved her so much, he was willing to die.
One night with bad-girl biker Jessie Delacort should have been enough for straight-laced cop Kingson Landry. But she got under his skin and hasn’t let go. Discovering she’s an undercover Texas ACES agent makes it even harder to resist her. But he must, because his past could kill Jessie just as easily as it has the other people he loves.
When Jessie Delacort rides into town on her Harley, the last thing she wants is to fall in love with another man who is hiding secrets too dark to reveal.?But when they’re forced to work together to bring down a powerful drug cartel, Jessie knows she’s got it bad for the quiet cop with the haunted eyes.
When the cartel’s vengeance-driven leader sets his sights on the two of them, King knows he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Jessie safe. Even if that means giving up their chance of turning the white-hot attraction between them into love.

Kay invites you ...
            If you follow my entire blog schedule you’ll be the first to know what happens between Jessie Delacourt and Kingson Landry from King of Hearts, my latest Entangled Ignite, before the book even opens! This is the sixth installment.  Don’t miss any of them and be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a great pair of earrings! The tour schedule can be found at or
Before Jessie Delacourt stopped behind King Landry at the bar where he sat, she had acknowledged to herself, once again, that she was tired of playing by the rules, no matter how important they were.  As long as she didn’t put the ACES or their undercover mission in danger, didn’t she have the right to blow off some steam?  If she didn’t, she erupt and that would be more dangerous than having sex with a stranger.

            At least that’s what she’d thought at the time.

            Tall enough to look over everyone else in the bar, King caught her gaze and held it it. She soaked him up. Blue eyes. Wide shoulders.  A very kissable mouth. She felt her heart lurch and she wasn’t a woman whose heart did funny things when she saw a good-looking man.

            In the second before she spoke, she thought about all the gambits her friends back home had used on men.

            1.) “Can I have my girlfriend take a picture of us?  I want to make my ex-boyfriend jealous.”

            She’d heard a woman use this once.  Jessie had choked on her beer.  Maybe it’d been the truth, she thought later, when she saw the couple dancing.  Who knew?

            2.) “You look like a man who knows what he wants.”

            The line would have been the truth with King, even though she didn’t know it at the time. In fact, it applied to him in too many ways to count.

            3.) “Do you live around here?”

            An old standard for sure. She knew the answer already so it’d be dumb, too.  But what would she say when he asked her the same thing? Something like ‘that’s on a need to know basis?’ She couldn’t be able to tell him anything but lies if he turned the tables on her.

            4.) “Do you want to dance?”

            Afterward he told her he’d considered this one, too, but discarded it for the very same reason.  Both thought if they made it to the dance floor, clothes might start fall to the floor right then and there.  Neither could afford that possibility.

            5.) “Let’s get outta her.  Right now.”

            It came out before she could stop herself.

Kay asks:

            Tell me a line that you’ve successfully used.  And keep reading my blog tour.  Don’t you want to know what King says after Jessie delivers her line?

 Kay David is the author of over thirty-five romantic suspense novels. After enjoying a variety of careers including computer programming at NASA, custom home building and working in the oil and gas industry, Kay admits that writing has always her been her first love.

Living in such diverse countries as the United Arab Emirates, Argentina and Bolivia has made Kay appreciate her own great home in Texas while allowing her to add intimate details to her books of the exotic settings she knows firsthand.
Kay’s latest romantic suspense trilogy features Smokin’ ACES, an undercover Texas Rangers team fighting crime along the Texas/Mexico border. Hot Texas nights full of dark secrets and dangerous men.
Kay’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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Thank you for visiting and sharing everything with us today, Kay. My very best wishes for a successful launch tour! 


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