Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Deep Deception by James North

 My thoughts on Deep Deception are...

 Don't get lost in the crowds in a huge demonstration!

Or you might find that dreadful things happen to you. However, the general public may not be given the real truth of what has occured if your dead body is the evidence that you've been there...or maybe even been somewhere nearby.

Accidental death? Or deliberate murder?

Deep deception is spattered with incidents of questionable causes. You have to read the novel to get below the surface of what is transpiring in the politically volatile situations the characters find themselves in. 

World ecological summits are potentially hazardous for those who may be able to expose details which may be globally catastrophic. 

This was a very enjoyable read which lured me in. The pace throughout is excellent, and the topic is one which is very believable in this contemporary world. The lives of the most senior members of organisations who attempt to combat global warming and ecological issues may well be under many different sorts of threats on a daily basis but the public will only hear about them if serious enough to hit the main headlines, or if a situation is exposed as a political disaster. The plot was intriguing with plenty of political machinations to entertain along the way. The character of Caroline Dupre is well rounded- she’s a lady of many talents who can keep her head in difficult circumstances. Other characters are less likeable, the villains of the piece. However, I really liked the way James North has imbued some shreds of conscience into the hit-men dedicated to duty and into the pursuit of financial gain regardless of the task involved. 

In the past, I haven't read much of the political thriller genre but Deep Deception makes me want to read more.

Kill Zone
A highly contentious international conference on climate change triggers a wave of assassinations, but the killing of one particular political activist throws human rights worker Caroline Dupré unwittingly into the center of a deadly conspiracy. Before long, she is in a race against time, struggling for her life against killers hired by one of the world's most powerful men.

The killers are closing in and Caroline is running out of time. Can she expose the diabolical plan, before it is set in motion?

Will she survive?


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