Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Calgary Chessman by Yvonne Marjot

Happy Saturday! 

I'm delighted to day that this blog has just had a kick-start again and it couldn't have been by anything better! 

(I have quite a few reviews to catch up on so it might seem like lots of buses have arrived at the same time!)

I've just finished reading The Calgary Chessman by Yvonne Marjot. This a superb 5* read from Crooked Cat Publishing.

Here's what I thought:

5 *

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. The pace throughout is great as the story of Cas and her life on Mull is unveiled. The geographical detail is excellently done, for me, and gives me a wonderful picture of what’s in front of Cas. The historical aspects of the Viking/Norse legacies in the Western Isles of Scotland are sufficient to whet the appetite to find out more. Reading the book made me want to dig out my own set of Lewis chess pieces to compare MS. Marjot’s Queen with my own replica queen. There are some twists and turns to the story which make the whole premise very believable in today’s world. The story is very well written and well edited.

 I don't hesitate to recommend you buy yourself a copy!


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