Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Forewarning - a Horses and Healing Mystery by Kate Wyland

I thoroughly enjoyed this well written mystery by Kate Wyland. There’s a great pace throughout the novel and enough plot twists to keep up the interest. 

The characterisation is strong, good motivations given for some of the ‘baddies’ in the story making them seem slightly less horrible. 

The paranormal aspects are just enough to be believable -‘hands-on’ healing not new knowledge to us, but I enjoyed the universal healing that Kasey is able to do for both horses and people in the novel. The way Ms Wyland manages to weave those less traditional healing practises within the traditional doctor/ hospital situation is very interesting and makes me wonder how common that would be in reality. 

There’s enough sexual tension to make the reader wonder just how Kasey will eventually resolve her attraction to two different men – the reason given by Ms Wyland at the end a very satisfying one.

A mystery to be recommended, and worth my 5* rating.


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