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It's Familiarise Friday again and I'm very pleased to welcome Kris Austen Radcliffe, who is going to tell us about her series.
Over to Kris...

Come with me. 

Come enter a world of fates, shifters, burners, and . . . dragons.  A world that most normals don’t even realize exists.  But you can experience it for yourself, through the books of the ‘Fate~Fire~Shifter~Dragon’ series by writer Kris Austen Radcliffe. 

This amazing new series is both romance, adventure, and thriller all rolled into one; and it will hold you in it’s grip till the last word of the last page.  Dive into it and get to know Rysa and Ladon . . . and Ladon’s dragon.  Come meet Ladon’s sister, and her dragon too; and all the other great characters that inhabit this world.  A world within our world, unseen and unknown to ordinary people like us. 

A world of fates . . . and shifters . . . and enthralling . . . and burners . . . and dragons.  Check out the info below and explore for yourself, this world the author has created.

Fate ~ Fire ~ Shifter ~ Dragon
Trilogy One:  Activation

** Prolusio #0 **
Three prelude stories set the stage for Games of Fate and Rysa and Ladon's fight against a burning world.

- Pop Rocks - A Texas tale of horror:  Billy Bare attempts his rock star comeback.  Fire, though, has other ideas.
- Welcome to the Dells - A Wisconsin tale of mercurial deceit and bad manners:  Shifters fight and do what they do best -- piss off Ladon.
- Cinder to Dust - The prologue to Games of Fate.  Rysa's mother, Mira, battles the one truth she cannot escape:  No one is as bound by fate as the Fates themselves.

Excerpt  from Prolusio:
All Ladon wanted was coffee. A nice large cup, one big and strong enough to keep him driving without the need for Dragon to burst random jolts into his mind all night. The beast waited on the store’s roof, directly over Ladon’s head, pulsing beats of boredom and annoyance at Ladon. He didn’t want to be pulled into chasing down Burners yet again, any more than Ladon did. But a promise was a promise, and they were a man and a beast of their word.

So here they were in Wisconsin Dells, gathering intel on the damned fire ghouls from a bunch of mercurial Shifters who morphed allegiances faster than they morphed their appearances.

** Games Of Fate #1 **
Rysa Torres misses information. Loses concentration. Her attention problems randomize her life but she pushes forward anyway, doing the best she can--until monsters activate a part of her she didn't know she had.

As visions of the future whip inside her head, Rysa realizes the truth: She's a Fate.

And she will set fire to the world.

All her options explode. Her family ripped away, what little control she had destroyed, Rysa is left with one choice: Will she die to stop the coming flames, or will she allow the man and the dragon she loves to die in her place?

Excerpt  from Games of Fate:
She knew what was about to happen, felt the anguish play across her muscles and bones. She’d hit the ground. Snap ribs. Her head would bounce, blinding her with colorless flashes. Blood pool in her mouth. A hip crack. And her forearm shatter.

But it didn’t. Huge hand-like claws—long, dexterous digits ending in vicious-looking talons—scooped under her shoulders and hips. She bounced upward, her free-fall countered.

A new power surged over her skin. Every hair on her body stood up. The talons retracted into the fingers in a wave moving across each hand. The fingers pushed her gently as the hands pulled her back. She rolled again, facing upward once more.

Nothing stood over her. The cloud deck swirled in the sky, open and visible. Both hands vanished to nothing as well, though she felt them curl tighter.

A ghost held her inches off the ground, yet it felt warm and real and alive. Invisible muscles coiled and powerful limbs adjusted position. She rocked and a massive chest pressed against her side. She should feel terrified. She should scream at this new impossibility and fight and flounder in its arms. But her vision channel-changed again and she knew what held her wouldn’t hurt her. It wouldn’t bite and rip or hurt her. Ever.

** Conpulsio #1.5 **
79 AD: Rome presses outward. Vesuvius smokes. Ladon exacts a terrible vengeance for an unthinkable act--and sets in motion the unavoidable collision of four people:

Two Fates bound by the rigidity of the past and the arrogance of the future.

One Shifter with a gift too vile to use.

And a man and a dragon who must save them from the mountain's smoldering anger--and the weight of their soul's ashes.

Excerpt  from Conpulsio:
Andreas stepped aside as the beast undulated over the tree’s roots. Dragon settled himself into the folds, contorting like a giant cat. Bigger than a work horse but smaller than some of the exotic animals he’d seen imported from Africa and the Far East, the beast wouldn’t stand out when he fell into sleep.

He’d appear as a mound built of the tree’s roots. Andreas dropped away from the trunk as the beast took up his place. “Resting here is not wise.” But neither man nor beast listened to his words.

“The land may growl but we will face whatever the mountain spits.” Ladon placed his hand on the beast’s neck.

Andreas understood: The choice to leave did not matter. Not anymore. The beast and the man had set this pattern.

“He wishes to rest here one last time. Before the mountain takes this place.” Ladon nodded toward Vesuvius. He stroked his hand across the back of his shaved head.

Flux Of Skin #2
How many loves must Ladon watch die?

Ladon thought he controlled the rage. He thought he left his past--and his violence--behind. But the Shifters take Rysa and now no one is safe...

Ladon wanted a gentle life. But century after century, the call to battle malicious Fates, Shifters, and Burners always won. The world needed him. So he fought.

War took its toll and now, sometimes, his scars show. When it happens, Ladon ruptures--body, mind, and soul. And the world pays.

But he's found a new way: a modern life with his beloved Rysa. He won't give her up. Not because of family strife. Not because of the issues twisting her life into a raging cyclone. And definitely not because of war--until a new group of Shifters rain death onto everyone he loves.

Every Shifter understands fury. Now they learn rupture.

Excerpt 1 from Flux of Skin:
He rubbed his midsection. They’d be home soon. The Jani Fates may have put them through hell—he could think of a thousand safer ways to activate his beloved Rysa’s new Shifter healer abilities than the fight they just endured in Salt Lake City—but that was done. In less than four hours he’d be in his own bed, under the solidity of the cave’s dome, his woman where she should be—pressed against his side and free of her family’s torture.

He’d sleep off his wounds in comfort and peace, all his nightmares be damned.

Yet a sour sense of foreboding grated at his insides. The fractured emotions of the dream still chafed his body raw.

Rysa lay between him and Dragon, asleep again. He rolled against her back and snaked an arm around her waist, his fingers splaying over her belly. Her mist-under-the-moon scent filled his perception and he lay his forehead against the nape of her neck, breathing her in.

Sighing, she rolled slightly, her body unconsciously molding against his. He shifted, closing the gap, and the sourness seeped away.

This, with her, filled more holes in his long life than any other moment he’d experienced. Yet he couldn’t shake the thought that the dream’s menace was backwash from her Fate’s future-seer. Her abilities saw something bad coming and through the connection they shared, so did he.

Except it felt familiar. It felt like him. Twenty-three centuries he’d walked this earth and rolling dread only pierced his gut before the universe reduced his life to rubble. Dragon’s patterns flickered to warmer tones. Unease filtered through the river of energy Ladon shared with the beast. Or it filtered from him to Dragon. After over two millennia sharing a psychic connection, sometimes neither of them could tell to whom an emotion belonged.

Excerpt 2 from Flux of Skin:
The lights flickered.

On the roof, Dragon roared again, his head pointed low and aimed downward.

Paige gasped and stepped back from the stretcher, her eyes turned upward. Her hand jerked as if she meant to touch her lips, but she held her fingers still in front of her chest, her palm cupped upward as if to catch rainwater.

The doctor froze, a finger poised above his phone.

Paige gaped at the ceiling. “You pissed off his squirrel,” she breathed.

** Coming in 2014 **

Book no. 3
February 2014
Fifth Of Blood

Book no. 3.5
March 2014
Gavin and Daisy's story

Thank you for visiting and best wishes with all of your work, Kris. 

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