Sunday, 27 April 2014

Seumas Gallacher makes it sound so easy!

I recently read this great little book which makes plunging into the world of self publishing not seem such a daunting prospect. If, and when, I venture forth with any of my work I know I'll be able to get even more guidance from my new friend, Seumas Gallacher. This is what I felt after reading his latest book which is designed to help the 'newbie' make those first steps. 

Even though I haven’t yet gone down the self publishing route, I still need as many tips as possible for marketing my ‘small publisher’ published books. I found this a great little guide especially with regard to some of the social media sites, like Twitter, which I don't use properly. 

I don’t use TweetDeck either but will now have a go and see if I can make better inroads into doing my own 'non-spamming' marketing. (I fail to see how that can be achieved without spreading the word as I do already but look forward to enlightenment) With a little guidance from Seumas I might also manage to use Goodreads and LinkedIn better than I currently do. I'm 'on' all of these sites but interaction is limited to the amount of time I have which is generally zilch! I think Seumas' tips might help me focus a little better, though.

I don’t have a business background so the general business plan techniques look very useful. I want to succeed with my writing, and have been serious about it since shortly before my first novel was published, but I did not regard it as a 'business'. Seumas' guide makes it quite clear that success requires that attitude and appropriate strategies to be used- whether or not heaps of money transpires as a result. I want my books to be read by more of the reading public so my business profile needs to be sharpened.

This is a little book I’m sure I’ll be popping back to in the future, since it's set down succinctly and  is very well written and edited.

Thank you, Seumas- all for the price of a coffee in my local cafe! 


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