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Sweet Treason - Brand New Release!

Today, I'm featuring Sweet Treason by Gail Ranstrom, which was launched yesterday!

Gail's on tour just now but has taken time out to answer some questions so that we can get to know her.  

She's also including a spectacular *giveaway* during her tour, so keep reading and look out for the details below.

Hello, Gail. Take yourself back 20 years and tell us if you had any aspirations to become an author at that time.
Twenty years ago?  Hmm.  I was an avid reader and often wished I could create worlds and stories as brilliant as those I read, but I was pretty busy just trying to take care of my family and keep the bills paid.

That sounds exactly like me, Gail. What were you mainly doing as a daily occupation at that time?
In 1993, I lived in the greater LA area and had just transitioned from an Advertising Account Coordinator and PR writer to an Assistant Commercial Property Manager.  The best job changes I ever made!

And today? How do you mainly spend an average day?
I have an empty nest now, so I do whatever calls to me.  Mostly I write.  But writing also includes editing, researching, networking, reading and trying to keep up with the industry.  So I’m never too far from my computer and my cell phone. 

Again a very typical 'authorly' day. Now jump forward 20 years from today. What do you think you’d like to be doing then?
Lounging on a pristine Florida beach with my feet in the warm gulf water and an umbrella drink in my hand. Of course, I’ll have a notebook nearby and I’ll be plotting my next epic.  The nice thing about being a writer is that you can do it until you drop.  No one can fire you or retire you.

Lounging on a warm beach sounds quite fantastic to me, since Scotland is getting very autumnal. What’s your preferred genre for reading material?
Romantic Mystery/Suspense – in all its forms: contemporary, historical, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, futuristic, inspirational...all of it!

What genre/ sub-genre do you feel comfortable writing in?
I love writing Historicals.  Mostly the Regency sub-genre, but all historicals.  I’m comfortable there.  However, I’ve just gotten the bug to try my hand at a contemporary, but I worry that my ‘voice’ might be too formal for that.  After I get the next historical off my desk, I’m thinking of trying to write a ...hmm, not quite futuristic and not quite paranormal, but a contemporary story where genetic research has opened the door for amazing possibilities, which are highly classified.

I write in many genres, too,  but also feel very comfortable writing my historical work. What do you think will be the main reading materials within the next decade? Books, some form of portable tablets?
I really hope print books will not go away entirely, but the wave of the future is definitely electronic.  I read on my phone, then got a tablet, and finally an e-reader/mini tablet (7” Kindle Fire HD). The convenience can’t be beat—you can hold an entire library in your hand and you don’t have to destroy trees!—and the versatility will only get better and better.  I would expect that in five years, there will be a single device that does everything, and those of us who love the smell of printer’s ink will just have to get an app for that.

I'm sure someone will invent the sensory experience! In recent years there’s been a movement towards popular cult-type stories- sometimes driven by what’s been popular on TV and the cinema, like Vampire, shifter, time-shift sub-genres. What do you see as being the ideal focus to capture the imagination in 5 years time?
I hope we’ll still have the current variety in choices, but I think dystopian world story lines will continue to increase.  There seems to be an air of impending doom these days, and I’m certain some amazing stories will grow out of that.

Can you give us an idea of what your writing schedules might be like during the remainder of 2013 and on to 2014?
I’ll be finishing the book that’s half way done and then I might turn my attention to that contemporary.  Or I might stay in my comfort zone and write another historical.  Many of my readers have asked me to continue the Wednesday League series.

Fast and furious now:
Ice cream or chocolate cake?  Ice cream

Home made lemonade or rum cocktails?  Rum cocktail

Cycling tour of France or a beach holiday in the Caribbean?  Beach in the Caribbean

A date with a politician or a date with Gerard Butler?  Hate politics.  Gerard Butler!

Children or pets?  Children

Brilliant answers, Gail. Thank you!

Gail has been a seamstress making waitress uniforms for a German Beer Garden, Inventory Clerk at the UofM, an Advertising Account Coordinator and PR writer in a crazy high pressure office, and a Commercial Property Manager in the Los Angeles area. In between, she’s partnered in an Antique business—don’t ask her about Antique Auctions.
Finally, she was tempted by a vocation where she was in control of the next crisis, and could solve it, too—writing.  She is the author of ten novels, three novellas and a brand new release, SWEET TREASON, from Entangled Publishing.

Gail’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads 

Passion and deadly secrets…
On the run from British troops, American Revolutionary War spy Ryan Straughn forces Emily Nevins to hide him on her English farm. But Emily already keeps secrets that could mean her demise if discovered. Nevertheless as the long night wears on, attraction sizzles and they give in to unexpected passion, sure they’ll never see each other again…
Deception and desire…
A chance encounter in London society stirs heated memories of their sensual night together. They begin a heady dance of suspicion and desire. Though sympathetic to the struggling Colonists, Emily cannot trust a traitorous spy who may expose her dangerous intrigues. And Ryan risks his very life by trusting a woman privy to his true loyalties. But they are unable to deny their need for one another, even as Emily’s secrets are about to be exposed, and the noose around Ryan’s neck grows tighter.
Betrayal and love…
And now someone has discovered both their secrets. The price of silence? Betrayal. Of their causes, their love, their futures. In the end, lives will be lost and sacrifices made. Their choice is impossible. Which will they surrender—their lives…or their hearts?

Sweet Treason Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Books

*Gail's GIVEAWAY* 

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And Gail has also shared a great excerpt with us today:  

The stranger lowered his head further to leave a path of soft insistent kisses from her earlobe to the well of her shoulder blade. The sensation was like nothing she’d felt before—intimate, urging, almost desperate. Heaven help her, Emily wanted more. He slipped his hand down her back, molding her against him. The hot, hard bulge pressing against her belly ignited an answering heat in hers. Naughty. Wicked. Exciting…

He asked a question, his voice a deep vibration that reached to her toes. Her very flesh tingled, sending shivers of delight through her. Her breasts ached and became exquisitely tender. She gasped as he drew her even closer, his large hands moving along her spine.

“Yes…,” she sighed, affirming her suspicion that this man’s arms would be heaven.

“Sweet…” His voice was hoarse with desire as he lifted his head to speak as he brushed across her lips. “Are you the most courageous woman I know…or the most reckless?”

Reckless. Unconscionably reckless…

He nudged her robe open with his chin and lowered his mouth to the slope of one aching breast. She caught her breath and choked back another gasp when he captured one tingling crown with his lips and tugged gently. She tangled her fingers through his dark hair to hold him close. The sensation was so foreign, yet so completely delicious, that she wanted it to go on forever. She sighed. “Tell me your…name, sir, that I…may know who my dreams…”

“You mock me?” he growled.

She gave a soft, husky laugh at his pretended outrage.

The deep vibration of his voice against her skin sent shock waves along her spine.

“By all that is holy…I must be mad! Were it any night but tonight, I’d sweep this desk clear and take you here and now.”

Emily fervently wished it were any other night. She’d have yielded him anything—everything—when he nibbled a greedy path back up her neck and cherished the tender flesh at the hollow of her throat before lifting his head.

He brushed tendrils of hair back from her cheeks with this thumbs. “Now that you’ve seen my face, my only safety—and yours—lies in the fact that you do not know who I am.”

She did not bother to deny his accusation. But betrayal had been the furthest thing from her mind. She caught her breath on a gasp as he slipped his hand up her bare thigh, exposed in the gap of her robe.

She struggled free of his arms and moved away, fighting to regain her composure and recall the true nature of this man.

Blood-red splotches on his shirt sleeve reminded her that this man had murdered someone this very night. She would be fortunate if she escaped with her life. She pushed him away to gather her robe more closely around her. This had to end before she forgot herself again. She was breathless when she spoke. “Your ten minutes are up, sir. If you are a man of your word, you will leave.”

Thank you for visiting, Gail, and best wishes with your tour.



  1. Hi Nancy -
    Thanks for having me. Your interview was really fun to do.

    1. Hi Gail, I enjoyed yoru answers! Best wishes.

  2. I really like the blurb and interview. This book is going on my TRL. and I found a new writer to read thank you for writing books that i will read

    1. That's a lovely comment, Felicia. Gail will love to know that.