Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A new 5* review for The Beltane Choice on Amazon, US and UK, Goodreads and Librarything.

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Nara is hunting wild boar when she is captured by a warrior, Lorcan, from a rival clan. With her as his prisoner, they travel back to his home but on the journey find themselves fighting mutual attraction. But when Lorcan makes the unexpected discovery that his beautiful captive is a virgin, the only explanation he can come up with is that Nara is more important than she pretends.
Nara is a princess and as such, untouched by the warriors of her own tribe. She has had a vision that the man she chooses to mate with on the festival of Beltane, will father a son who will be a great leader. When she is abducted by the virile Lorcan, she begins to suspect that he is the man predicted by her dream. But when Nara arrives at his fort, she is too important a bargaining chip to choose her own husband. It seems she must marry in order to unite two warring clans and her father will chose her mate...and it isn't Lorcan.
This book is a hidden gem. I say that because the innocuous brown cover gives no hint of the lush treasure within. The push and pull of attraction, the raw urgency of lust and the eventual soul-deep love between Lorcan and Nara is beautifully written. The characters have a satisfying depth and develop over the course of the book. I especially loved how Nara starts out as a fierce hunter, who would rather die than submit to an enemy, but is later shown to have emotional vulnerability in a very touching way. Lorcan also, goes from being a lusty warrior, to a man tortured by the conflicting demands of love and tribal honour.
The story never flags for a second and I heartily recommend it. Thoroughly engrossing. 
I'm delighted with this fabulous review and thank P. Elliot very much for reading and reviewing my work. You've made my day!


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