Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Taurus - My thoughts

Taurus by Christine Elaine Black

 - a fine 5* read!

I really enjoyed reading this book. From the very beginning the characters were well portrayed- good development on the part of Taurus. He’s the sort of hero you know needs to mellow. He does, and is very likeable for it. I was aware of less development of character in Kallie, though the ending proves all people change a little according to their circumstances. She was a very accomplished young woman at the outset and remains so throughout the story. There’s sufficient historical detail to satisfy the average romance reader; I personally liked this second book in the series better because there seemed more detail to plunge the reader into the era. The plot is simple yet interestingly fresh. There are a few fairly predictable twists, but the pace is excellent throughout which propels the story, and the reader to keep on reading right to the end. The writing and editing are excellent.  

There's a third book in the series -  Magnus - that I'll be looking into in the near future. I can definitely recommend Taurus for a quick but satisfying romantic historical read. 


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