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Today we have a fantastic guest post from Naima Simone, who has dropped past on her launch tour for her latest 'Secrets And Sins' novel - Malachim.
Naima's also brought an excerpt, and a chance to win lots of fantastic prizes. Read on for those details. But first, over to Naima...  
Naima Simone is a multi-published author in contemporary and erotic romance. She’s a member of RWA’s Southern Magic chapter, mother of the Dynamic Duo, lover of everything Vin Diesel and wife to the fabulous husband who tolerates this affair.
Paula, You Turn My Head! 
Love lift us up where we belong. Where the eagles fly… 

An Officer and a Gentleman.
Who doesn’t know the famous scene where Mayo strides into that mill and literally sweeps Paula off her feet and—again literally—carries her off into the sunset as she props his white officer cap on her head. God I love that movie!
And while Richard Gere’s brooding, troubled Zach Mayo is undoubtedly the hero of the movie, there is another that upstages him simply from a romance writer’s point of view. Paula Pokrifki, portrayed by Debra Winger. She had me going wooow-uh after the last bar of Love Lift Us Up faded away. Now don’t get it twisted! I still loves me some man-flesh and am a connoisseur—did I spell that right?—of the male form in all its sculpted, glistening, smooth, luscious…ahem…glory. But while recently watching An Officer and a Gentleman for once I wasn’t sighing over Zach Mayo aka Richard Gere…okay maybe a little sighing went forth. But it was Paula who had me captivated. And dying to get to my laptop! 
Obviously the woman was beautiful. With dark flowing locks that even looked good under that ugly brown cap and a body that inspired me to put down my Prestige Strawberry ice cream and do a stomach crunch, I understand why Mayo couldn’t erase her from his thoughts even when he tried. Out of all the “debutantes” cruising the naval candidates for a husband and ticket out of Smallville, Paula was the prettiest. 
And yet there was so much more to her. 
What endeared me to her was something I didn’t fully grasp until I was older, had fallen in and out of love a couple of times, and was familiar with heartache. See, Paula loved Zach Mayo. She dug beneath his cold, distant exterior and saw the wounded, scared man beneath whose mother had committed suicide leaving him with an alcoholic, degenerate father. Her love helped shape Mayo into the man of integrity and selflessness he ultimately became. And still, rather than trap or trick him, she was willing to let him walk out of her life and never see him again. If a woman has ever been in looove she knows how hard it is to give up the man she believes to be her soul mate. I mean let’s face it. If Vin Diesel tried to walk away from me I would try everything from burying his drawers in my front yard to piercing his nostrils and sliding a rope through that ring! 
Not that she was perfect—she wasn’t. Part of the reason she initially went after Mayo was to get out of the stifling, small-minded town that would have her work in a paper factory for the rest of her life. She was desperate. But her actions in spite of her desires made her the consummate heroine. What a woman! Damn!
I’d like to believe Danielle Warren, the heroine in Secrets and Sins: Malachim, my new release from Entangled Publishing’s Ignite line, makes Paula proud. In the beginning of the book she’s in full survival mode. Her complete focus is on working, obtaining money for a nest egg, and maintaining her new identity that keeps her hidden from her ex-husband. She doesn’t expect the impact Malachim Jerrod, her new boss, has on her. He makes her dream and desire a life she knows is impossible for her. Common sense orders her to keep her distance from the sexy Boston attorney, but she’s drawn to him. And she falls for him. When her past comes calling, she has to decide between her own happily-ever-after or his life. The choice isn’t easy, but walking—or running—away may just save his life. To find out what happens you’ll have to read Malachim!

So, who’s your favorite heroine, either in a movie or book? Share her with me! And don’t forget, September 23rd through October 4th,  you have a chance to enter a giveaway for a $20 Amazon Gift Card, a World Traveler Boston cuff bracelet, and the 4 September Ignite releases! You can enter through the Rafflecopter below!
Thank you so much, Nancy, for having me here today!
You're very welcome, Naima.  

What Malachim is about:

When Danielle Warren shows up on Boston attorney Malachim Jerrod’s doorstep looking for a job, his first thought is trouble. Well, actually his first thought is how does a woman with the face of a saint have the voice of a sex phone operator? But sexy trouble or not, he’s desperate for a paralegal to help keep his struggling law office afloat. Can the boss keep his distance from the silk of his employee’s skin, the siren lure of her body…or ignore the haunting vulnerability in her eyes.
Danielle can’t remember her own name, because it belongs to someone else. The new identity has afforded a fresh start and a new job. She’s taking control, making her own decisions, and refuses to allow anything to distract her—even her unwanted desire for her boss. Because distraction is dangerous and letting her guard down is not an option. Especially with a shadowy figure stalking her every move.
Danger is on the hunt, threatening the boss she’s falling in love with. Should she fight for the future of her dreams or flee to save Malachim’s life? Danielle must make a decision. Because her lies are unraveling. And some secrets can kill

Secrets and Sins: Malachim Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Books
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Read on for a wonderful excerpt from Malachim to whet your appetite:  
Silence reigned in the cab. Malachim wedged his body into the corner of the backseat, sprawling his legs as far as the cramped space would allow. In the close quarters, he studied her exotic profile. The high brow; thin, aristocratic nose just a shade too long by conventional beauty standards; the wide mouth with its full bottom lip; and the small, stubborn chin. His gaze dropped to the elegant, tightly clenched hands on her lap. Even in the shadows, he noted the paler skin stretched over her knuckles. Did she fear him? God, the thought caused the alcohol in his gut to roil and pitch.
“Danielle.” He’d deliberately softened his voice, yet she flinched as if he’d roared her name.
“Yes,” she said, keeping her head averted, continuing to stare out the side window.
“Look at me.” He paused. “Please.”
Her shoulders stiffened, and her fingers were clenched so hard, he feared they wouldn’t easily straighten. After several seconds, when her head turned in his direction, his lungs relaxed.
God, he longed to touch her.
Yes, he would be a eunuch and a flaming liar if he denied he wanted her beneath him, straining against his body as he thrust deep into soft, hot flesh he knew would squeeze his cock in the sweetest, tightest embrace. He craved it. Woke up in cold sweats from dreaming about it. But this… This need swelling within his chest now was gentler but no less hungry. No less desperate.
He yearned to rub his thumb over the hard line her mouth had become, coaxing the sensual fullness to appear once again. More than the next critical beat of his heart, he desired to brush his lips over her brow, ease the panic and pain in her eyes, and replace them with pleasure. With wonder. With joy.
What would Danielle look like carefree, laughing…unburdened?
Jesus, he wanted to know.
He straightened from his slouch, at the same time shifting closer to her. Carefully, unhurriedly, determined not to spook her. Not to threaten her.
In the darkness, her eyes widened, and her breath quickened. At any other time, he would’ve backed off. But not tonight. As much as he needed to have her sun-kissed skin under his fingers, she needed to understand—believe—he would take a blade to his own hand before harming her.
Gently, he cupped the nape of her neck. Pressed a thumb into the side of her throat and circled. She went rigid beneath his hand and loosed a tiny whimper.
“Shh,” he crooned. “No, look at me,” he tenderly ordered when her lashes fluttered. He had to see her eyes, had to be able to detect if his caress became too much for her to bear. Even more, he had to see the moment the fear bled from her beautiful dark gaze and trust entered.
“Thank you,” he murmured, staring into the brown depths. Yes, panic still lingered, but so did another emotion…an emotion that set his heart racing for his throat. “I would never hurt you,” he said. “Not that way. I may be an asshole sometimes and kick the hell out of your feelings, but I’ll never hurt you in the way that makes you shake under my hand.” He slid his hand into her hair, loosening the bun and cradling her head. And had to bite back his groan at the sensuous glide of her heavy hair over his hand and wrist. “You’re safe with me. I promise,” he said hoarsely.

My very best wishes to you, Naima, for a successful launch tour.  Thanks for visiting 'Features'.



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